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The main directory that started it all. Home of the popular manual directory submission service and free SEO tools.

Submission options: Free and Paid
Google PageRank: 4
SEOmoz Page Strenght 4.5
Aproximate Links: 100,000+
Google Backlinks: 5,810
Yahoo Backlinks: 18,594
Bing Backlinks: 133
Alexa Rank: 23,400
Well established general directory, tons of backlinks and great PR on inner pages.

Submission options: Free and Paid
Google PageRank: 4
Aproximate Links: 43,300
Google Backlinks:7,140
Yahoo Backlinks: 23,056
Bing Backlinks: 1,810
Alexa Rank: 21,023
Great, older general directory with high Page Rank. Very cheap featured listings available.

Submission options: Free and Paid
Google PageRank: 4
Aproximate Links: 32,200
Google Backlinks:3,370
Yahoo Backlinks: 9,977
Bing Backlinks: 328
Alexa Rank: 45,887
A clean, easy to navigate general directory. Many extra categories for specialized listings.

Submission options: Free and Paid
Google PageRank: 4
Aproximate Links: 32,800
Google Backlinks:4,380
Yahoo Backlinks: 17,517
Bing Backlinks: 541
Alexa Rank: 30,174
A niche directory, only accepting sites with a Page Rank of 3 or higher. Somewhat strict acceptance policy. Lots of SEO work on this one.

Submission options: Free and Paid
Google PageRank: 3
Aproximate Links: 16,700
Google Backlinks:3,340
Yahoo Backlinks: 3,458
Bing Backlinks: 256
Alexa Rank: 62,873
Our newest general directory. A minimalist design makes it fast loading and easy to submit to.

Submission options: Free and Paid
Google PageRank: 0
Aproximate Links: 28,400
Google Backlinks:6,150
Yahoo Backlinks: 5,130
Bing Backlinks: 221
Alexa Rank: 40,860

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Established in 2005, the DirectoryVault network consists of 6 directories. We also provide one of the industry leading manual submission services for your link building efforts. Our philosophy is to provide a great resource for webmasters and web searchers alike, while providing the highest level of customer service (we answer emails!). We look forward to serving this need for the long term. Once accepted into one of our sites, your link will remain permanently. All of our directories are SEO friendly and hosted on separate static IP addresses. We hope our way of operating is a refreshing change from the usual service you may have received from similar directories. Thanks for visiting the DirectoryVault Network!

-Jake Davis

Current Network Statistics
Total Active Links: 831,564
Total Submitted Links: 2,962,443

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