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For best results and maximum acceptance rate, please follow these guidelines when filling out the submission form.


For best results, submit the homepage URL. Most directories will only accept homepage links, not sub-directories.

For example:

Anchor Text/Keywords

Since the latest Google updates, keyword selection is critical. Please make sure you have read the FAQ at the bottom of the previous page for full details on how to submit your anchor text! In short, Keywords 1 and 2 should be branded, and Keywords 3-5 should be primary keywords.


50-200 characters seems to be the optimal range for descriptions. Avoid repetition and keyword stuffing.


Select a main category which best describe your site, then select an alternate choice if the first category is not available. A good idea would be to navigate through our directory to see where the best fit would be.

Email Address

Use the email address associated with your domain whenever possible.

For example:

DMOZ option

Many people have already submitted their listing to this site, so we want to be careful to not duplicate your efforts. If you check "yes" we will submit to DMOZ for you. If you check "no" we will avoid it.
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*Note: We cannot guarantee any specific acceptance rate of the submissions. The directory owners themselves determine what will be accepted or not. We can however guarantee that your site will be submitted to the number of sites specified, on time, and with a confirmation sent to you. Any further questions? Please use the contact form and we will be happy to answer them! Also check out the FAQ.