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Directory submission is still one of the best ways to gain quality one way linksOne way links are when a website links back to without you linking to them. These links are a very important factor that search engines use determine your website's rankings. to your website. These links can lead to improved search engine rankings, and ultimately more visitors coming to your site. But the main problem with submitting your site to directories is how time consuming the task can be. Let us submit your website, so you can work on more important things. Like growing your business!

Manual Submission Service

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100 Directory submissions for $23

Important! We have totally updated our directory submission practices following the Google updates of Panda/Penguin. Please read the important new information below before submitting an order!

Updated Manual Directory Submission Packages:

100 DirectoriesWe will submit your site to at least 100 free directories. (Most Popular!)  $23
200 DirectoriesWe will submit your site to at least 200 free directories.  $39

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How to Order:

  • Fill out the form below with your the submission details for your website.

  • On the next page, complete your payment using Paypal or Google Checkout.

  • That's it! Just sit back while we submit your sites. We will email you when completed.

Our Policies:

  • 100% manual website submission done by humans, no scripts or bots.

  • Prompt service. Your submission project will be completed in 14 days or less.

  • Reporting and documentation. When the project is completed, you will receive an Excel sheet documenting where your site was submitted. See a sample report.

  • Communication. We respond to you inquires or concerns at any step in the process.

  • Great selection. We have a directory submission package to meet your needs.

  • The directories we submit to are all SEO friendly, non-reciprocal, and free.

  • We offer the best prices in the industry!

*Note: We cannot guarantee any specific acceptance rate of the submissions. The directory owners themselves determine what will be accepted or not. We can however guarantee that your site will be submitted to the number of sites specified, on time, and with a confirmation sent to you. Any further questions? Please use the contact form and we will be happy to answer them! Also check out the FAQ.

Important information about our services following the Google updates

The field of search engine optimization and especially the technique of using directory submission to gain valuable links are always changing. That is especially true following the latest Google updates referred to as Panda and Penguin. In order to continue to provide a worthwhile service for our valued clients we have taken a top down look at our service, in light of the new ranking factors. We have spent the last several weeks surveying all of the latest information from Google as well as the consensus of experts and bloggers in the SEO field.

In response, we have changed not only the directories that we submit to, but the timeframe, and the ordering process. The information you provide with your order is now as important as the submissions themselves. It may be slightly more complex to provide the correct keywords, but it is now a necessary step in the process.

We have put together a new FAQ that may be helpful:

Question 1: Does Directory Submission still work after Panda and Penguin?

Yes! Directory Submissions can still work well, but only if following points are followed:

1. Submission to better quality directories

2. Slower submission (about 100 Submissions per week) it will take longer to see results, but speed of submission is important.

3. Proper Distribution in Title between Branded and Primary keywords. This is critical after Panda/Penguin.

After the latest Google update the absence keyword diversity and brand names in the keywords has resulted in many sites losing rankings. So the key here is always using 40% of branded keywords/anchor text, along with variation in primary keywords. This creates a more natural looking link profile that is required in today's search engine ranking factors.

For example: Say there business named Jenny's Cupcakes is selling cupcakes in Los Angeles. Here the branded keyword is Jenny's Cupcakes and the primary keywords may be: Cupcake Sales, Buy Cupcakes, Cupcakes Sales Los Angeles, etc.

Proper distribution for titles/anchor text for directory submission would be like this:

Jenny's Cupcakes (20%)
Jenny's Cupcakes Los Angeles (20%)
Cupcakes Sales (15%)
Buy Cupcakes (15%)
Cupcakes Sales Los Angeles (15%)

Our new submission form will allow you to submit 5 different keyword titles to follow these percentages of branded and primary keywords.

Question 2: I have lost my sites ranking post Penguin update as I focused on primary keywords as anchor texts and built up large links using it. How can I try to retain my rankings?

In such situations directory submissions can be of great help. You can build links to your sites using branded keywords only, so as to create a right proportion between branded and primary keywords. Just keep building branded links to your sites slowly and your sites should bounce back over time.

Question 3: I heard that now Google ranks sites on the quality of sites and links have no importance now.

Not true. Imagine a situation where you have 50 high quality sites that all rank for the term "cupcake sales". It is not possible for all those high quality sites to be on the limited real estate of the 1st page of search results. All things equal, the sites that will be on page 1 will be the sites that have backlinks from other high quality sites including directories, social bookmarking sites, and other related sites and have social presence. So link building is still and important part of the ranking equation.