DirectoryVault Manual Submission Service FAQ

Our Guarantee:

What it covers:
We offer a 100% money back guarantee that we will submit your website to the number of directories in the package you order, within the time frame promised, and with full documentation.

What it does not cover:
We can make no guarantee as to the number of total links that will result from the submission service. The owners of the free directories make the decision to either accept or deny your website and we have no control over this. We do our best to choose directories with high acceptance rates, but every customer's acceptance rate will vary. (Any service promising an exact acceptance rate of directory submissions is not being truthful.) We also make no guarantee as to any Page Rank changes that may or may not result from the submissions.

Pre Sale Questions:
  • Where do you find the directories on your list?

  • We search the most popular SEO friendly, free directory lists out there. Then we run our own Page Rank checking script to independently verify the Page Ranks. We then verify that the directories are still accepting free submissions and are not paid or reciprocal.

  • What does PR mean in your 100 PR3 package?

  • PR or Page Rank is ratings scale from 0-10 with 10 being the highest. Google uses this rank to determine the importance of a website and uses that to assign search results.

  • If you submit to a Page Rank 4 directory, will my link be listed on a Page Rank 4 page?

  • No, the Page Rank reported is for the home page of the directory. The individual inner pages where the links are located are usually lower. These ranks also change constantly so their is no way to predict where you link will be.

  • If I buy the 100 submission package, will I get 100 backlinks?

  • No. The owners of the free directories choose to accept or deny the links, we have no control over this. Since these directories get many submissions, they do not accept all submissions. You will most likely end up with a small percentage of final backlinks based on the total number of submissions. That total number depends on many different factors.

  • How much will my Page Rank increase after using the service?

  • We can make no guarantees that your Page Rank will increase. Google's algorithm for Page Rank is very complex, backlinks from directory submissions are just one factor. That may or may not be enough to change your Page Rank.

  • Can I use multiple titles and descriptions?

  • Yes, you may use one set of titles/descriptions per every 100 submissions. For example if you ordered the 300 package, you can use 3 different titles/descriptions.

  • What happens if I have already submitted my site to one of the directories on your list?

  • If we see that you are already listed at that directory, we will skip it and move on to the next one.

  • Will you submit to

  • Yes, if you check the box on your submission form, we will submit to DMOZ. Keep in mind this is the hardest directoy to get accepted into, and the chance of your link being listed there is extremely low. We make no promises that by us submitting to DMOZ you will be listed.

  • How can I make sure I get the maximum acceptance rate?

  • 1. Always use the email address associated with your domain in your submission form.
    2. Double check your spelling before sending us your form. We try to catch spelling errors, but please check before submitting.
    3. Choose your categories and keywords carefully.
    4. Don't stuff your titles and description with repetitive keywords. Directory owners tend to reject these.

  • Why do you ask about submitting to

  • This is a very important free directory to be listed in. Many people have already submitted their listing to this site, so we want to be carefull to not duplicate your efforts. If you check "yes" we will be happy to submit your site to DMOZ for you.

  • What are the steps of the ordering process?

  • First you submit your form. Then you will be sent to the payment page. Once you complete payment, your work is done. You will receive a confirmation email from us, which means we have received your information and payment, and your job has been scheduled. The next time you will hear from us is when we send your completed report. Of course if you have any questions along the way, please feel free to email us.

Post Sale Questions:
  • I have checked several directories on your completion report and don't see my site listed.

  • Directories sometimes hold submissions in a queue for a while before reviewing/publishing a site. It's best to wait at least 3 weeks at least to confirm your listing. Also keep in mind, that your site won't be accepted to every directory that it is submitted to. The decision to accept your site is up to the individual directories owner's discretion.
  • How many links can I expect?

  • That varies greatly based on factors like the quality of your site, the package ordered, and the directory owners. Free links in directories are harder to get than paid links so free directory owners can be pretty choosy about what links to accept. There is no way we can estimate the number of backlinks that will result from your order. You may receive anywhere from 0-100% acceptance of links.
  • Why did I only received 30 confirmation emails for my 100 directory package?

  • Most directories do not send confirmation emails. In our testing and from customer feedback, we have found that 25%-50% of the total submissions is a usual amount of confirmation emails you may receive.
  • Some confirmation emails are requesting I click links to confirm or take other actions?

  • You don't need to take any actions, you can ignore these requests. We try to filter out these directories from our submission lists, but they are constantly changing their confirmation processes. So to negate this, we will submit your order to many more directories than you ordered. By submitting to these extras, you can ignore any directories than may want confirmations and still know you are getting more correct submissions than your total order amount.
  • The links on the report do not work and don't show where my site is?

  • The links on the report are copied from exact submission page when we submitted your site. This isn't where your link would show up, should the directory accept your site. Furthermore, many URLs are dynamic, and not the same when you try to visit them. This is one of the reasons we also take screenshots of the submission pages.

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