DirectoryVault - Some truths about Directory Submission

Some truths about Directory Submission

We have been doing this long enough to understand this ins and outs of directory submission for SEO purposes. These are some facts that no other directory submission service will tell you. We value an honest and realistic approach, rather than inflated promises and hype.
  • Page Rank and acceptance rate

  • Generally speaking, with free directories the higher the overall page rank of the site, the less your chances of having your link accepted. These directories are flooded with submissions, and unless your site is already well established, it probably has a low chance of being approved. On the other hand, newer directories with or without any page rank yet, usually want new submissions and will gladly accept your link. Then, when these directories become more established and are assigned Page Rank, your link is in a great position. So our technique usually includes a mix of both established directories and new ones.
  • Not an exact science

  • There is not exact formula to gain links for every site. All we can do is apply techniques that have been shown to provide the best overall results over the past several years. Any service promising an exact result is dishonest.
  • No overnight results.

  • Gaining backlinks through directory submission takes time and is a long term strategy. You may not see the full effects of your submission for several months. Social bookmarking can be more immediate, but directory submission takes time.
  • Still a great technique.

  • Regardless of why you might read, directory submission is still a critical strategy in promoting your website. Google may have cracked down on paid links recently, but free directories can still provide the critical backlinks that your site needs to move up in the search engines. It is still one of the top strategies listed on every SEO guide for website promotion.

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