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Thank you for your interest in being the featured site of the month in DirectoryVault! This is an opportunity to advertise your site on the homepage of one of the oldest and most respected directories around. Your site will be listed at the top header of our directory for every impression and page view for an entire month. This is not a rotating ad, you are featured 100% of the time. After that your site will be converted to a featured link. This is only offered to one customer per month.

Is this a good deal? Last month the directory had 120,000 page views, so for $349 $260 a month that works out to a CPM of 2.5 This is an exceptional value as most CPM rates across different verticals usually range in the 5-20 CPM. Most "run of the network" ad buys are around 5 CPM.

We are currently have an opening for the Featured Site of the Month! Please read over these terms. Submission of your site is your acceptance of these terms.

  • We guarantee your Featured Site of the Month will run for 31 days from the date of payment.

  • 3 days before the end of the 31 days, we will send you an email giving you the chance to renew your ad for another month. If you do not renew your ad will expire (change to a regular featured ad) and we will allow the next customer on the waiting list to order. If you want to order again you will be at the bottom of the wait list.

  • For fairness: if there are customers on the waiting list, you can renew your ad for a total of 3 months. At that point you must go to the bottom of the waiting list. If there are no customers on the wait list, you can renew as many times as you want.

  • We make no guarantee as to the amount of traffic, click throughs, or search result gains from the running of your listing.

  • We reserve the right to change pricing, up or down, based on current traffic levels at the end of each monthly term.

  • You can change the Title or Description any time during the month

  • If we determine your site is not appropriate for the Featured Site of the Month, we will immediately refund 100% of your payment.

Featured Site of the Month $349
This month only $260 USD

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After we receive your order, we will email you to arrange the correct title and description for your listing.